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Meet The Social Media Manager

Hi! 👋 I'm Dakota Jeane, Founder + CEO of The Social Media Manager. I love to run, hike, practice yoga, stand up paddle board, take my pupper to the park, and travel as much as possible. I'm also obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and businesses look good online!


This site is your hub for all things social media, marketing, and content to help you or your small business. We at TSMM provide coaching calls and full service social media marketing.

I fell into the social media world as a career by accident. I was working for the Kardashians as their Retail Director, managing retail operations and branding in LA, NYC, and Miami. We desperately needed marketing help. Even though I worked for some of the most famous people in the world, we still needed to market the stores.


So I wrote a brand guideline that included what the DASH voice sounded like and what our brand was trying to convey to the world through our message and photography. 

I didn't realize at the time that I had created our social media strategy. I also didn't realize I had such a knack for digital marketing, but that helped me crush my goals as a retail director at the time. In one year the DASH Instagram audience grew 58% to 1.2 Million in 2014. Not to mention, the stores were beating their stretch goals, too!

Flash forward to now, I manage large and small business accounts that need a helping hand. I know it's a pain to figure out social media. It can seem overwhelming, time consuming and annoying. I got you.


🤓 Content planning to content creation, to audience growth 📈 and engagement, responding to comments and messages, and not to mention “beating the algorithm”. 🥴 We're here to help you have this one less stress in your life.

Oh, and The Social Media Manager Podcast provides you lots of inspiration, tips, tricks and ideas as you navigate your own small business. I hope you enjoy it!

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