Social Media Consultant

Let's say you want to manage your own social media but need some major help. I got you. 

Hi! 👋

Do you need a little help with gaining more followers on Instagram? Do you need higher engagement on your posts to beat that pesky algorithm? Do you have time to post, but need guidance seeking out new followers, engaging with people online, or strategizing/creating your content?

This is where I come in. 💁🏻‍♀️

After a one-hour chat, you'll have all the tools you need to help you with your goals. 👩‍💻👨‍💻


For that one hour I will help you strategize your social media platforms and give you tailored calls-to-action for your brand. 


What this looks like 👀

We will set up a one-hour zoom call that works for both of us. Prior to the call I'll be doing some digging into your brand or personal social media channels (whatever you fill out over there 👉) and do my homework.

This is basically a one-on-one with me, a social media expert, to give you all the tools you need to either get started on a fresh new social media account or to revive an account that isn't performing the way you want it to.

During the call I will give you: 

- How to seek out a quality audience and get people to follow you

- Tips & tricks for posting, strategizing, branding, and pretty much everything you'll need to be set up for success

- A bio suggestion

- Content suggestions and how to create them

- All my little secrets to success, and tailored specifically for your business!


 If you don't have time to post, then choose "Social Media Manager" under services. I got you! 😘

If you love this session but want even more and a tangible guide you can always look back to, then you can choose "Social Media Guide" under services for even more in-depth calls-to-action and starter content.


WHO YOU ARE: You are an aspiring influencer, established brand, or own a small business and are looking to make your online presence grow and social media presence flourish. 


Payment 💸

This session is a flat $99 fee. Then I contact you to put time on my calendar!

Let's get started with some basic info, and I'll be in touch shortly!

YASSS! We got this bestie. I'll talk to you soon!

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