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Video Editor


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About the Role

Do you have experience editing videos? Cool. Let's work together! I am looking for someone who can take my podcast videos and edit them to include subtitles, music, transitions, and b-roll by Tuesday evenings. If this works for you, then please reach out!


  • Must be available to work up to 3 hours a week

  • Must be able to work on tight deadlines, videos are due by Tuesdays at 5 PM PST.

  • Must have own software like imovie, premier pro, whatevery you like to use! 

  • You'll need knowledge on how to add subtitles, transitions, add b-roll, add music, etc

  • Must have a keen ear and edit out any dead time so that the video flows and keeps attention

About the Company

The Social Media Manager is a free hub for business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers and anyone who wants to make their online digital presence top-notch. We also provide services that include social media management, consulting, and a social media guide tailored for businesses.

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