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The Podcast. EP 22

About this episode: Dakota Jeane talks all things resume, LinkedIn, and Twitter to level up your chances of landing a job in social media. Stand out with this advice and remember, you are a badass! When you believe in yourself, your options become limitless.

About The Social Media Manager:
This podcast is for social media managers and for business owners trying to figure out the whole social thing themselves!  I’m your host Dakota Jeane – I started out in social media as a career by accident. I was working for the Kardashian sisters as their Retail Director for DASH in 2013 and had some aggressive goals to make the stores successful. I needed to bootstrap and do some marketing. Little did I know that my days of MySpace, Twitter, and growing my personal Instagram would give me the foundation to build our DASH Instagram account up 58% to 1.2 M followers in less than a year. Since then, I have helped hundreds of small and large businesses find their voice and grow their brand on social media! So now I’m here spreading my knowledge through this podcast so I can reach even more people like you who are looking to lead and let social media work for you. Let’s do the damn thing, shall we?

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