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This week's social news. (Week of Nov 11-17, 2021)

For the week of Nov 15, 2021.

The News.

If you gave Taylor Swift’s new rendition of her album, RED, a “thumbs down”, you are in the minority. I have to be completely honest with you, I never listened to Taylor Swift’s albums until Folklore. So with her album coming out this week, I was able to totally fan girl out and fall in love with T Swift all over again with those catchy tunes. I gave it a huge thumbs up. Speaking of thumbs up and down… YouTube has axed the thumbs down function on videos and I think it's a good thing. After last week’s episode with guest, Justin Greene, and our conversation about NFTs, have you been seeing this everywhere? I’m not saying that it’s due to our podcast, or am I ?? But NFTs are certainly becoming big news and you should take notice. Twitter announced that they are developing a updated profile image display process, where users can upload their NFT profile image from their images they purchased with cryptocurrency. Instagram is also working on some new options aimed at the NFT craze, including a new “Collectibles” label, which would allow people to upload NFTs to a collection and users can bid on them. The collectibles tab would be shown on your profile in a dedicated section, much like your photos, reels, tagged photos, and so on. It’s also said that Instagram is adding a “digital wallet” to their app so that you can connect your Instagram with you crypto wallet, making this a big step into the metaverse. If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, then you’re aware that Britney Spears is now free from her 13- year conservatorship. The #FreeBritney movement that started in April of 2019 was a fan led effort on social media to expose the bullsh*t that her family put her through with the conservatorship. It’s just a really great day in America. Britney is free. Lindsay Lohan is acting again. Paris Hilton is happily married. T Swift is making money on her own damn songs. We did it, guys.


Have you ever posted a bunch of photos on Instagram in one post, and later wanted to delete your ex from one of them, but keep the rest? Good news for all of us, it's now possible! Unarchive all those old carousel posts that included that dude you dated (and definitely shouldn't have included him on your feed), and edit it, then click the little trashcan on the upper left part of the photo(s) you want to delete. Praise social media gods.



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