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What social platforms should your business be on?

Let's say you don't want to hire a social media manager because you're on a tight budget, but you know that you should at least be on one social media platform. Which one do you choose?

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This, of course, is a hard question because not all businesses are the same. However, I'll share with you my favorite platforms and my not-so-favorites so you can make an educated decision. Here's my lowdown on each platform:


"Hi, I'm Dakota Jeane and Instagram is my personal favorite platform."

Instagram is my absolute favorite platform because it has basically all the things I'm looking for in a great social media channel:

- video abilities

- photos/ visuals

- the ability to go live

- the ability to save items for later

- the story option is key

With roughly 1 Billion users a month, Instagram is an excellent place for business owners, if you use the app correctly.

Instagram rewards users that USE the app. So, if you're a busy business owner that doesn't have time to utilize all of the amazing Instagram app abilities, then you're better off just listing your business on Facebook and then post when you have something to say.


I am a BIG FAN of Pinterest. This social media platform is a brilliant way to display your items and link directly to your website so people can make a purchase.

If you have products, you must be on Pinterest. If you provide services, I highly suggest you be on this platform if you have good content, like photos or videos.

Why I like this platform:

- You can post any time and there is no "algorithm". Your views are based on if people are searching for your title and key words.

- You can link directly to your site so you can make that MONEY!

- You can save ideas to your boards and learn from other creators.


“Everyone hates Facebook, but everyone is on it. So, use it.”

I really hate Facebook. Even as a marketer, it makes me want to gouge my eyeballs out.

However, with over 2.89 Billion users a month, you kinda have to be on Facebook, especially if you have a physical location or do online video trainings/courses. When you create your Facebook page, the best thing to do is to list your location, hours, and all the important stuff. Don't spend too much time in the "about us" section or even on your page visuals as people hardly will even go to your page except for when they "like" your page.

Invite all of your friends to like your page and then personally message them asking them to invite their friends to like your page.

From there, you'll just want to post your most important updates like sales, new arrivals, events, courses, etc. Throw in the occasional funny meme. Any chance you can post a video, do that. Throw in hashtags that people search.


“Utitlize all that is amazing with TikTok, if you know how to do it.”

Do not, I repeat, do not assume any of your videos on TikTok will go viral. They likely will not.

If you are good at creating video content for your brand, then please get on TikTok immediately. If not, then just skip it because it will cause you headaches you don't need and waste time you don't have.

This is a great tool for brand building, but not necessarily for converting sales. If sales are your number one priority, use Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.


So many of my clients think that Twitter is necessary when it isn't for many businesses. You'll want to be on Twitter if you have something to "say". If you blog, be on Twitter. If you are a writer, copywriter, political candidate, podcast host, life (or similar) coach, then yes, be on Twitter! Use the app to say what you need to say, but don't push sales on it, no one will care.


Your business should likely be on LinkedIn. This doesn't need to be a stressful social media tool for you. Just post jobs, company updates, any time you're in the news, and do some random polls to gain attraction on the platform, which is free exposure for your business.


I'm personally over Snapchat as a whole. In a recent poll that I did, most people are over it in general. There are just better apps for communication and sharing content, especially for your business.


It was cool for a while to be on Clubhouse, but this has already fizzled out in a lot of ways. That being said, if you are a life (or similar) coach or motivational speaker then please be on Clubhouse and do the talking you were meant to do!



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