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You can now schedule & test your Instagram Lives

This new feature was introduced by Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, last week. Scheduling your Lives will allow your audience to not only get excited about what you'll be unveiling or talking about, it will also allow them to set a reminder so that they can watch it.

Here is my first scheduled live. 👇 Click the photo to attend!

So, how do you do it?

In your Instagram app home screen, click the plus sign on the top right. Scroll over to "Live" at the bottom. Click the calendar icon on the left and click "Add" to set a date and time. Once it's scheduled, you can share a post about it!

The other amazingly cool new feature that we have been patiently waiting for is now here! You can now test out your Instagram Lives. When you're in the Live screen, click "Audience", which is the little eye icon on the left. You can set it to "Public" or "Practice". You can make sure your lighting and sound are all good, and even practice with the person you invite to go live with you. Then, once you're ready to go public, you can change the setting and it will be live. Cool, huh?



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