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This week's social news. (Nov 25 - Dec 1, 2021) The Great Resignation.

Stocks are falling like cray due to yet another variant of Covid-19. We are so over this sh*t, when does it end? Twitter stock also declined this week but that's because its founder, Jack Dorsey, resigned. Episode 4 guest, Justin Greene says it's because Twitter won't be able to compete with the decentralized social media app, Distrikt. Since Twitter has stakeholders, they're always looking for new additions and flare, but IMO, Twitter was never broken, and therefore, should not be fixed.

If you were feeling bored with the amount of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Tuesday Giving sales… you're not alone. Sales dropped for the first time EVER because there were fewer discounts than the previous year. Not to mention, we've been seeing “Black Friday deals" since October. Yawn.

Instagram made it so we can post stories up to 60 seconds long, instead of 15 seconds. While many people just tap quickly through stories, there are some moments when the 15 second cut just wasn't enough. With video becoming more and more prevalent, this was probably a good move.

Update to the new social network I was briefly obsessed with, SpaceHey. Turns out it's just like old MySpace where people just try to hit on you with bad grammar. Might check in on it later, but for now, I'm giving it a blehhhh.



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