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Let us manage your social media channels. We strategize your social to find your optimal audience, plan your feed and content calendar, post on your behalf, community manage by responding to comments and inquiries, and provide you insights.

If you need content, we do that, too.

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Social Media Coaching Program

4-Week Business Coaching Program 

You'll LOVE this service because you will feel EMPOWERED to accomplish what you want with your social. Whether you are launching a new brand or product, or you need help reviving what you've already started, this all-access one-on-one 4-week virtual coaching will give you every tool you need to be successful on social media.


A one hour zoom coaching call. If you are ready to discuss how your business can show up on social media, this is your chance to get all your questions answered, and overall general guidance from Dakota.


A 3-month content calendar, with examples, tailored specifically for your business. 


For Social Media Managers

So, you wanna be a SMM or you're just getting started? YES BESTIE! Welcome to the club. This virtual service is for social media managers who want to pick my brain and ask me anything you want! Once you purchase, we set up a zoom call that works for both of us.


This virtual service is for social media managers who need training to get started or accelerate in their career. 

One- hour coaching calls each week for three weeks (we accommodate YOUR schedule!), assignments, and a certifcate of completion at the end.


This virtual service is for social media managers who need ongoing coaching/mentoring who have already completed the initial coaching call.


For Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and People of Influence

What Our Radical Clients Have to Say

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Courtney Larsen, Owner and CEO of Spindles Design Co.

Purchased: Social Media Management

Since working with Dakota at The Social Media Manager, my post reach is up 144%, reaching over 42,000 new people on Instagram. My followers are up 4% gaining over 250 new followers in less than 3 months. Beyond metrics, she has been able to curate content that I already had available from my projects and also create content that not only I love, but that my audience loves. I've gotten so much feedback; people noticed a shift in my social media presence and they're loving the way my feed looks, which feels great as a business owner. As an artist and entrepreneur, I didn't have time to manage my social media so it was such a relief to find Dakota and trust her to handle that essential part of my overall business strategy. 

Dakota has such an intuitive way of writing and creating captions that feel very aligned with my brand voice. Her posts always read as friendly and genuine, and she's created a nice balance of the business calls to action, and posts that are personal and focused on growing a real sense of community online. Dakota has such a pleasant demeanor during the video calls, and really takes time to listen and understand your goals for the business and how to translate those goals into a social media strategy. She is incredibly invested in making sure the content feels true to your brand, while also making sure you're reaching your milestones and metrics. 


Knowing that Dakota was creating compelling posts AND also replying to comments allowed me to really step away from the day to day social media tasks and focus more on growing the business and working directly on client projects. I've seen a huge uptick in new client inquiries coming from Instagram and Pinterest since hiring Dakota, and have seen a lot more traffic to my website coming from both platforms.