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This week's social news. (Week of Dec 2 - 8, 2021)

📌 How many more times should I yell from the rooftops that Pinterest is DOPE AF? Pinterest released their 2022 predictions based on search terms, and while the branding is very Spotify Wrapped, this is essential for business owners. Last year they had 30 trend predictions and got 80% of them right. This year there are 35, and with their stellar track record, this isn't something to skim over.

🤳 Hot girl winter? Sort of. TikToker, Mia, self-proclaimed CEO of the Hot Girl Walk, started this pretty amazing trend where you must go on a walk, think about what you're grateful for, what your goals are and how to achieve them, and last but not least… how hot you are. This is me telling all my ladies, and my gents, to go on your hot girl walk today.

📉 Huge media company, Buzzfeed, went public this week but it's already not doing well. That's what happens when things get off to a shaky start.

🎧 If you haven't heard (LOL), Spotify Wrapped came out last week and here are the funniest memes on the internet about it. Could you imagine if they had one for Instagram? “You watched @britneyspears videos 1,999,999 times. You spent 555 hours watching Reels. You spent 36 hours making Reels that crashed and burned. Get a life, Dakota.”

👀 Reddit is trying to make the in-app experience feel more real-time and interactive for users. They will now allow users to see new comments as they are being posted and more cool features. Plus, to keep users on the app even longer, Reddit will now provide text and audio chat rooms, which is great for your Reddit community building.



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