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3 reasons to hire a social media manager

Let's say you finally came to the realization that social media ain't your thing. Here's three little, impactful reasons you should hire a social media manager. And if it's not me, it better be someone just as awesome.

woman holding a book, next to a coffee mug

There won't be someone just as awesome, but I can assure you there's lots of (almost as) awesome social media managers!

1. Alleviate the pressure

“All you need to be successful is to be good at running your business and to hire a social media manager.”

There's so much pressure to be good on social media. In order for your business to grow or be cool or even just beat the algorithm, you need to constantly be posting, interacting with potential customers, watching and emulating trends, encouraging user generated content, planning your content, using the right hashtags, write copy that doesn't suck or have typos, and so on. The pressure is ON.

So turn off the pressure by giving that responsibility to someone who knows how to do it, has time to do it, and can do it efficiently.

2. Spend time on what you're good at

You're likely really good at whatever your business is. If you're not, you may want to reconsider?


Go be good at the thing it is that you started your business to do in the first place.

Let your social media manager handle your social media. Simple!

3. Gain attraction, gain business!

Be the money maker you were meant to be.”

Listen. No one starts a business to not make money.

I'm not saying that a social media manager can guarantee you money, but what I am saying is that a good social media manager will utilize the tools they know so well to make your business be seen digitally.

Businesses today MUST be on social media to have any sort of clout. If you want your business to gain attraction, then hire a social media manager to make it happen. You'll thank me later.



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